Can this training help me and/or my company make more money?

Increased sales are the goal. In the current economy the old sales techniques aren’t enough. For example, you may have learned the “seven steps for closing a deal” but how you deliver them determines whether they work or not. We teach you how to sell and how to use your voice to sell. You can’t do one without the other. We can make your least productive sales person as productive as the most.

How can I compete with someone who has natural charisma?

Charisma is actually rapport. Rapport with people is a skill. Some people do have it naturally, but it is something you can learn. Under the right conditions, everyone displays some kind of charm. You can learn to develop these traits so they play a larger role in your professional and personal life. As these elements become a more natural part of your life, you develop charisma and the life changing power to persuade. This is nothing more than true confidence from having control over how you express yourself.

Why should I develop my voice? I don’t want to sound affected.

You are right. It’s not your affectation we want to develop, but your ability to express your own thoughts and ideas more fully. It’s not just your voice but your awareness of your tone of voice. It’s like improving the steering on a car, it makes it easier to get where you’re going.

If my ideas are great or my product good, why does delivery matter?

Merely being right won’t sell your ideas. How you say it truly does determine if they‘ll hear it. Successful sales people will tell you that delivery is more important than content, though of course the content should be admirable. Many a deal has been killed by a presentation that was unsatisfactory. Many a deal has been signed because the presentation was brilliant.

What’s the difference between this training and Anthony Robbins or Wayne Dyer?

It is one thing to know the wonderful empowering things these people teach us, it is another thing to put them into practice with a great and natural delivery. Success truly is a voice driven activity. Your voice is the medium through which you transmit your ideas. The power to persuade is created by your delivery. No great idea can be heard through a poor or inappropriate delivery. The key to unlimited success really is contained in your own voice.