Dan Balestrero has a unique background from which he has developed his presentation coaching skills. He has developed a revolutionary method of helping people discover their most effective self through improved presentation skills. Successful Leadership and Communication are inseparable from good presentation.

He has helped professionals in every walk of life to communicate and lead more successfully.

From Gary Stewart CEO of Rhino Records, to The California Franchise Tax board to the “Getting to Great” video communication series, Dan has simplified the process and helped many professionals achieve a higher level of success.

He has taught communication and presentation skills, to CEO’s, salespeople, state government officials, lawyers, medical education networks, managers, professional speakers, engineers, actors, voice-over artists and singers for over a quarter of a century. His voice-over clients have worked for virtually all the major advertising agencies and motion picture studios.

Born in Palo Alto, California, Dan Balestrero’s background as a performer, director, producer, and his experience in marketing/advertising, gives him an uncommon perspective from which to provide complete training for all professionals. He holds a Masters Degree in Acting and Directing and is the author of the best selling CD course “Mastering The Art of Voiceovers”.

These communication techniques were developed by Dan in a wide variety of professional settings using many NLP techniques. He has over fifty productions to his credit as an actor, and director for stage and television. Dan provides presentation and sales coaching for a wide range of professionals and business leaders in nearly every industry and is the coach for several of the top voice-over artists not only in Los Angeles but nation wide.